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Funny OMG

Robber Arrested After Accidentally Falling Asleep In The House He Broke Into

Lazy burglar jailed after falling asleep inside house he'd broken into

(Picture: Ben Lack)

A burglar was caught napping on the job.

The people who lived in the home he’d broken into found him flat out on the bed in the spare room.

28 year old Stephen Dixon decided to spend the night after breaking in and was found the morning after his botched burglary.

He crawled under the sheets and dozed off after glugging three quarters of a bottle of wine he had stolen from the house and scoffing a packet of biscuits.

Dixon was jailed for 15 months at Carlisle Crown Court after admitting burglary, criminal damage and theft last January.

Lazy burglar jailed after falling asleep inside house he'd broken into

(Picture: Alamy)

Prosecutor Jon Close said that the victims heard a noise coming from their spare bedroom of their Penrith home at around 8.30am on Monday morning.

He said: ‘They walked in the room and found the defendant face down in the middle of the bed, underneath the covers. They had no idea how he had gained entry.’

He had left a pair of socks and a hat next to the bed along with the nearly empty wine bottle.

Close said the couple had been left shaken by the ordeal.

Dixon had also caused £500 damage to the door of the conservatory.

Defendant Keith Thomas told Judge Peter Hughes QC that Dixon had been held in custody at Durham Jail since January and that he stole the drink because he was ‘thirsty, tired and hungry’.


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