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Rich Son Posts Snapchat With Expensive Belongings, Gets Home Robbed Only Hours Later

When we work hard for something we want, it makes sense that we’d want to show off the fruits of our labor, but sometimes we can get a little carried away, especially when you’re born into riches.

In Melbourne, Australia, a young native by the name of Jacob Tremblay took things to the extreme by boasting about his latest shopping spree at Louis Vuitton, Ferrari, and various other luxury brands via social media application, Snapchat. Though this may not seem like a big issue as kids will be kids, Jacob had indeed added taunting messages to his followers like, “Come get me, peasants!” Which had prompted an unexpected turn of events for the 32 year old who also went by the name of “White Chocolate.”


One of Jacob’s many taunting Snapchats.

While Jacob had been back out on the town with his friends for a second round of shopping and his parents both out for business as usual, only a few hours later, someone who must have followed Jacob on social media and knew where he lived, had robbed their downtown eastside home. Jacob’s father, Harold Tremblay, was the first to find that the home had been raided and practically “destroyed”.

According to local police reports, it was just a matter of simply walking in and taking what they wanted, as when Jacob had gone to leave, he forgot to set the alarm system and to even lock the front door.

The Tremblay’s residence that had been stolen from.

“Everything was a mess. Random pieces of furniture missing, our bedrooms, spare rooms, and even our bathrooms had been rummaged through. I worked hard for my belongings – My wife, as well. Though my son may not be the brightest, this is absolutely ridiculous.” Mr. Harold states.

He adds, “If we weren’t so well off, I would be suing this thief for everything they have.”

The local police are still investigating and have yet to catch the culprit.

It’s said that Jacob’s Snapchat photos alone were enough to enrage his so-called friends and neighbours due to the extravagance of the items: leather-bound journals for a man that neighbours say “had little to no work-life”, gold bracelets and a tea set that they say would be “wasted on a soda drinker like Jacob”. The list goes on and on.

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