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Johnny Depp explains his fondness towards Russia

Johnny Depp

US actor and multiple-time Academy Awards nominee Johnny Depp has confessed to being attracted to Russian girls during his visit to Moscow, a Russian TV channel reported.

The perennial 90s and 00s sex symbol and one of the recent decades’ highest-grossing actors said that Russian women had special features and admitted he was attracted by the so-called Slavic appearance. Depp, one of the few heartthrobs to have been named “sexiest man alive” by People magazine, said that Russian girls had “thousands years of culture” in their eyes, a look that evoked attraction, according to the celebrity.

Johnny Depp arrived in Moscow on May 27 as part of the world tour by the Hollywood Vampires supergroup featuring Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, a classic rock enterprise performing since 2015.

During his stay in Russia, Depp took a stroll around Moscow’s city center, took a glance into the home museum of Russian avant-garde poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and photographed himself against the backdrop of a Joseph Stalin bust on Red Square.

Johnny Depp has arrived in Moscow for the Hollywood Vampires’ concert with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and has visited the museum of famous Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, the concert organizers said.

“Johnny Depp visiting the State Museum of Mayakovsky in Moscow this afternoon ahead of the Hollywood Vampires show,” the organizers said in a post on Facebook.

The show, which is due to be held at Moscow’s Olympiysky arena on May 28, will be the first for the Hollywood Vampires in Russia.

The Hollywood Vampires rock supergroup was put together in 2015, when Cooper and Depp met during the shooting of US horror comedy film Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton. The band name derives from the Hollywood Vampires, a drinking club founded by Cooper in Los Angeles in the 1970s.

The actor, who had visited Russia before, found Moscow to have changed, becoming much like Paris in many ways.

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