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102 Year Old Grandmother Reveals Her Secret To A Long And Happy Life


Still peppy and bright at 102 years old, Dora Rixham was born inside her dad’s shop in 1914 in Sheffield. She says that her dad was the very first person in their area to sell crisps, and when she was just 12 years old, she would deliver packets to pubs all across Sheffield.

Dora says, “We had plenty of fish and chips as children and we absolutely loved it, I would walk round all the pubs selling tins of crisps. I was quite well-known at the time.”


The chippy wasn’t her only job though. She also worked at a local brewery and flower shop when she had the time. She also had two sons and went on to marry husband John, 24, at St. George’s Church.

Dora recalls that her absolutely biggest joy in life had to be dancing to Dean Martin and Sinatra classics with her husband, who had sadly passed away at 81. “We didn’t have much money but we were always happy,” she recalled during her birthday celebrations with family and friends at the Beechy Knoll care home.


“We were never well-off but we had enough,” she adds.

When asked what her secrets were to a long and happy life, she said: “Never be a worrier. Just do what I’ve always done – carry on regardless.” She adds: “And, for the men, I don’t care what people say – cuddle your girl three times a day.”

Source: Metro.co.uk


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